Correct Use of a RadMan Course

The Correct Use of a RadMan Course is designed for anyone required to use a Narda RadMan as a personal protection equipment (PPE) item when accessing areas where the RF-EME exposure level may exceed prescribed levels. It is an extract of our comprehensive RF-EME Awareness Course.

Course Objectives

  • Reasons for using a personal monitor, such as the RadMan
  • Characteristics of a personal monitor
  • Correct use of the RadMan, including the precautions to be taken
  • Calibration and service requirements


Online Delivery

The Course is delivered via online mode, suiting both individuals and companies where the flexibility to undertake the training at any convenient time and place is beneficial. Access can be made from any web browser, however some features may be limited on tablets or other mobile devices. An assessment concludes the training to ensure the course objectives have been met, with successful participants being issued with a certificate of completion.


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What is an RF Worker?

An RF Worker is a person who may be exposed to RF fields under controlled conditions, in the course of and intrinsic to the nature of their work

RF workers must be trained in safe work practices, and supervised when appropriate. They must also be trained about the controls in place to manage the potential RF hazard. There must be appropriate procedures in place to ensure that the safe systems of work are utilised.

The Correct Use of a RadMan Course covers only use of a RadMan. To receive training sufficient to be considered an RF Worker, the comprehensive RF-EME Awareness Course should be undertaken.