Council Applications

With the introduction of a new standard and codes of practice, the following is being scrutinized by councils/local government authorities Australia-wide to examine the impact the service has on the community:

  • deployment of multiple mobile base stations;
  • installation of single radio or telecommunications services;
  • the construction of new buildings; and
  • in the case of a building application, the impact on the tenants within the building from existing radio / telecommunication facilities in the area.

This assessment is now forming part of the approval stage and requires an accredited and experienced organization to prepare documentation for submissions.

RADHAZ Consulting, as an independent NATA accredited company in RF-EME can:

  • assist in the submission of the application on behalf of the license holder
  • assist in the assessment on behalf of the Council
  • provide community consultation.

Our reporting and analysis can also be backed up by the ability to perform complex RF-EME measurements and prepare compliance documentation to meet both ACMA and OH&S obligations.


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Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Industry Code

The Code specifies the best contemporary practices in the areas of design, installation and operation of mobile phone radiocommunications infrastructure. The Code requires the application of a precautionary approach to the deployment of mobile phone radiocommunications infrastructure and contains obligations on carriers to consult. This Code replaces the Deployment of Mobile Phone Network Infrastructure Industry Code (ACIF C564:2004).

C564:2011 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment