ELT-400 – Standards-compliant measurements

Test instrument for assessing safety in magnetic fields and for acceptance measurements conforming to CE standard EN560366


The ELT-400 is a new type of tester for measuring magnetic fields in occupational and public environments, and for use in EMC laboratories and test floors. It was developed for use by health and safety professionals in industry and insurance, and for users in the service industry. The instrument can perform practically any necessary B-field measurement in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 400 kHz – precisely, and with no fuss. The ELT-400 uses a standards-compliant 100 cm2 probe for measurements.

  • Broad frequency range (1 Hz - 400 kHz)
  • Standards-compliant measurement
  • Acceptance measurements to CE standard EN50366
  • Complete implementation of the reference method
  • Real-time measurement with RMS and peak detector
  • Automatic evaluation even with different signal shapes
  • Simple display of results as a percentage of the standard
  • Optional 3 cm2 probe for standard-compliant determination of coupling factors


The ELT-400 can also be used as an active probe, thanks to its three channel analog output (3 separate, analog signals for the 3 spatial axes x, y, and z). For this purpose, the ELT-400 can be connected to an external oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer using an optional connecting cable (3 BNC connectors).

Using the optional 3 cm2 probe, it is possible to determine the coupling factor individually as described in Annex C of EN 50366. Coupling factors determined in this way lead to the real value of the magnetic field exposure level – which is usually the "best" one, too!


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