Managing RF-EME Course

This course has been developed to assist Building and Facility owners / Managers and security personnel who require a clear understanding of the issues required to manage a building with telecommunications installed.

Course Content

  • Relevant Standards & OH&S
  • Compliance & Certification documentation
  • Responsibilities
  • Management of Site including:-
    • Access - contractor or operators
    • Access restrictions
    • Processes for outages - all users
  • Changes to site:-
    • New Operators
    • Changes to existing infrastructure
    • Building or tower work

Other Details

  • Conducted at the client’s premises or at a venue provided by RADHAZ Consulting at additional cost
  • This is a half day course


  • Each course can be tailored to include specific training needs pertinent to the client.

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What is an RF Worker?

An RF Worker is a person who may be exposed to RF fields under controlled conditions, in the course of and intrinsic to the nature of their work

RF workers must be trained in safe work practices, and supervised when appropriate. They must also be trained about the controls in place to manage the potential RF hazard. There must be appropriate procedures in place to ensure that the safe systems of work are utilised.

The Managing RF-EME Course covers only management aspects of RF-EME. To receive training sufficient to be considered an RF Worker, the comprehensive RF-EME Awareness Course should be undertaken.