RF-EME Awareness Course

The Radhaz RF EME Awareness Course is designed for anyone required to access areas near transmitting antennas in the course of their work and so needs to satisfy the RF Worker training requirements of ARPANSA RPS3.

Face to Face or Online Delivery

The Course can be delivered via face to face or online mode. Face to face delivery may be preferred by companies where interaction with staff during training and tailoring by the Trainer to suit customer specific situations may be beneficial. Online delivery suits individuals and may suit companies where the flexibility for staff to undertake the training at any convenient time and place is beneficial. Both delivery modes conclude with an assessment, with successful participants being issued with an industry recognised certificate (Telstra and Broadcast Australia approved training provider).

This course, via both delivery methods, has been accredited by the
Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR)

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of the potential health effects of exposure to RF hazards
  • Understanding of the relevant limits and standards
  • Awareness of safe working procedures at RF transmitter sites
  • Ability to identify potential RF hazards on site
  • Understand site RF safety documentation
  • Correct use of PPE in the form of a personal monitor

Online Delivery

  • Requires 2 to 4 hours online to complete
  • Can be accessed from any web browser, however some features may be limited on tablets or other mobile devices
  • Pause on completion of any unit and return to complete remaining units at your convenience

Face to Face Delivery

  • Delivered over one full day
  • Minimum of 10 participants, with additional participants possible up to a reasonable limit (15 to 20)
  • Content can be tailored to suit the working context of the participant group
  • Conducted at the client’s premises or at a venue provided by Radhaz at additional cost

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What users of our new online course are saying . . 

"There was really nothing to dislike! The presentation of the information was excellent. It is probably one of the best on line courses I have done. Keep up the good presentations."

"It is very informative and easy to navigate."

"It was very detailed and outlined everything very well."

"Safety aspect covered well."

"The thing I like most about the course was the ability to work at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home."

"Clear and relevant details for my safety. Best description I have seen yet of the hazards of RF EME and the RadMan bit is really useful"


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What is an RF Worker?

An RF Worker is a person who may be exposed to RF fields under controlled conditions, in the course of and intrinsic to the nature of their work

RF workers must be trained in safe work practices, and supervised when appropriate. They must also be trained about the controls in place to manage the potential RF hazard. There must be appropriate procedures in place to ensure that the safe systems of work are utilised.

The RF EME Awareness Course is designed for anyone working on or accessing areas near transmitting antennas (RF Workers).